In 2007, I was in your position.  I had a daughter who was a pretty good 400M track athlete but did not get any attention from college programs.  I looked to her high school coaches but they did not have the time to help.  I finally took the initiative and began the long and frustrating task of finding a school/coach who would be interested in my daughter.  I made lots of phone calls, wrote lots of letters, recorded lots of videos, and worst of all, made lots of mistakes.  I was learning on the fly and it was a frustrating and time consuming process.

After eventually getting her a scholarship to run track in college, I decided I would help other families avoid the mistakes I made.  I wanted to help relieve the stress of not knowing and make it easier for other families to get their student athletes noticed by college coaches.

Let me help you reach your goal of obtaining a collegiate sports scholarship.
We are looking for kids who do not have recruiters beating down their doors.  We are looking for kids who are talented, disciplined, and overlooked.  Kids who have the skills but not the exposure.  Coaches need to know about them and we want to help.  If your child wants to play at the next level then give us a call!
UR Sports Skyship is a small company with a big heart and a desire to see every high school athlete play at the collegiate level if they want.
Let us help you generate the interest necessary to get one of those precious athletic scholarships!

Marcel Clark,